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Ceramic Chimney Lining System

The Permanent Chimney Lining Solution  

Use The Slider above to show how even a stone chimney can be lined with Eldfast Ceramic Material.

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Peace of mind

Eldfast provides a permanent solution to ensuring your chimney is gas tight. Whether used as a stand alone product for open fires or in combination with other lining systems for wood burning stoves, you can be sure your chimney is ready for another 50-60 years of service. Our customer service team, surveyors and engineers are available throughout and after sale to ensure you have an enjoyable customer experience.

  • 25 Year Guarantee.

  • Wholly Ceramic | Highly resistant to acid attack from combustion products.

  • Preserves cross section (size) of the flue | Reduces the chance of smoke back or opening size reduction requirements.

  • Suitable for all masonry flue types.

  • 50 - 60 year life expectancy.

  • Improves Chimney draught | Insulates and reduces turbulence. 

  • Provides structural support.

Fire Proof

Eldfast is a ceramic chimney lining product making it not only highly resilient to high temperatures but fire proof as it will vitrify at 1400°c. The thermal transfer between through the material is so minimal that even when exposed to 700°c for 4 hours the temperature on the other side of only 4-5mm of the lining tested at 164°c. 

Retains Building Design

Eldfast conforms to the existing shape of the chimney with only a 4-5mm layer of material. This provides the optimum solution for open fires as not only does the chimney retain almost all its internal cross sectional area, but by removing the mortar snots within the chimney prior to lining turbulence and holding area for combustible materials is significantly reduced.

Testing and Certification

As a tried and tested product Eldfast has passed several methods of certification including BSEN1443:2003, PREN 1856-2, PREN 1857, HETAS approval, DIBT and DANAK approval. You can find out more information on the Eldfast material in our specifications page but the key characteristics are show below:

  • A 25 Year Guarantee - Even in the event of a chimney fire and the only product offering this currently from the available chimney lining solutions.

  • Wholly Ceramic - Stronger and more resilient to acid attack and high temperatures including thermal shock than alternative solutions.

  • Does not reduce chimney size - Preserves the cross sectional area due to only requiring a 4-5mm coating we can truly say your chimney is not substantially reduced.

  • Suitable for all chimney types - Whether you have a stone chimney to a pre-cast / gas flue block Eldfast can provide a fireproof chimney lining solution.

  • 50-60 Year life expectancy - A permanent solution allowing you to forget about repeating the process and experience a few years down the line.

  • Improves chimney draught - By knocking out the mortar snots and creating a smoother surface turbulence is reduce and reflected heat from the chimney walls improves convection.

  • Provides structural support - Setting like steel when cured Eldfast supports the construction of the chimney.

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