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Aberdeen Oval Clay Liners and Stone Chimneys

Eldfast Ltd were asked to carry out installation and Eldfast ceramic lining training with Donside Heating Supplies Ltd.

There were several chimneys with oval clay liners that had deteriorated with cracks forming. There were also stone sections of the chimney that required relining due to lime mortar deteriorating. 

Our training scheme involves our own engineers carrying out the works with a local contractor to develop their skills with the system while fulfilling the customers requirements. Once a contractor has carried out enough Eldfast linings to a sufficient standard they can be signed off as approved installers.  

Winch picture small.jpg

The stone areas of the chimney can be very difficult to repair with stainless steel liners due to the jutting fragments of stone.


As the chimney was also to be used for open fires the flue could not be closed down, which a smaller stainless-steel liner would do. As such Eldfast ceramic lining was chosen as it did not restrict the draught and could fill all the voids. 

Aberdeen Eldfast Installation small.jpg

The tall property required scaffolding for safe access and provided beautiful views across the highlands area. The property was to be developed into a hotel, so the flues needed to be reinstated to add to the ambience in this rural location.   

Stone Chimney Before small.jpg
Stone Chimney After Eldfast Lining small

The oval clay liners are not used as often as the more popular circular clay liners and can provide an additional challenge when trying to reline with a stainless steel as the flue is constricted in the centre of the oval. Again, due to the constriction and the fact the flue was to serve an open fire Eldfast ceramic lining was the best method.

In total 7 flues were restored to working order for use as open fires once the hotel reopened. 

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