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About Eldfast. 

Eldfast was invented in Sweden and the name means "Fireproof" in English. Although originally imported into the UK the material is now manufactured in the UK and shipped throughout Europe. 

Eldfast - The Story.


Eldfast originated in Sweden meaning "Fireproof". In 1996 Landy Vent Uk Ltd was formed importing the material into the UK and providing a training and distribution base. In 2008 the Swedish manufacturer sold the rights to Landy Vent Uk Ltd for Eldfast and the material has since been produced in the UK.


During this time Eldfast has been improved from the original two part resin and powder mix to an easier to use water soluble mix making it easier to install and apply.


Eldfast remains the optimum system for open fires and the only product on the market to be guaranteed in the event of a chimney fire.

Eldfast Ltd


Formerly Eldfast was a brand of Landy Vent Uk Ltd and has now grown to be a separate company under the same management team as of 2018. 

With so much scope for the product it was important to give more focus and definition to the brand. Our aim is to grow throughout the UK and Europe developing more installers and distributors making Eldfast even more accessible to the market and finding more applications for this unique material.

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