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Wood Burning Stove & Boiler Chimney Lining

As well as Eldfast Ceramic Lining for open fires we offer a range of alternative products such as Stainless Steel Flexible Chimney Liners and Twin Wall Insulated Chimney Systems that can be installed for wood burning and multifuel stoves (as well as gas and oil boiler systems). 
Installing a Wood Burning or Multifuel Stove into a chimney 

To find out whether you need your chimney lining when you have your stove installed our engineers can carry out a smoke pressure test. The chimney is temporarily blocked with foams while a smoke pellet is released in the chimney. This pressurises  the chimney and forces the smoke out of any leaking areas while the engineer checks the root the chimney takes for visual signs of leakage.

If the chimney is sound it can be used and the stove installed onto it via a flue pipe, register plate and benching. This can however have a detrimental effect to the chimney draught as stoves work better with a chimney matching the flue outlet. Lining a chimney also makes it easier to insulate the flue which is helpful should it be a gable end or quite exposed property. 

Lining also makes maintenance and sweeping easier as a door can be fitted to the flue pipe and there is a consistent dia all the way up the chimney for a 5-6" brush for example. 

We can offer a full installation service for any CE approved stove that has been tested to EN13240 or EN15250 standards. If you are also looking for supply of a stove we have a range of options to choose from in our showroom. 

Re-Lining A Leaking Chimney For Wood Burning or Multifuel Stoves 

If your chimney is leaking and requires re-lining we can make it gas tight with Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining prior to installing a temporary lining system such as a stainless steel flexible chimney liner. Building regulations and Hetas guidelines state that a chimney should be made gas tight prior to lining with a temporary system to ensure it does not leak when the liner eventually fails.

Although the chimney is now gas tight most chimneys are too large for a woodburning stove and this can cause turbulence  in the rising flue gases. This can slow combustion and make warming your chimney and sweeping more difficult.Using a combination of Eldfast and a flexible liner gives you peace of mind that even in the event that the liner fails the chimney remains gas tight. 

Speak to a member of our team today and book a survey.

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