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Chimney Stack Protection

Whether you are installing a wood burning stove, gas fire, boiler or an open fire your chimney stack will be exposed to high temperature variations, wind, rain and the suns rays. Over time this will break down the lime mortar and the brickwork itself leaving a potentially dangerous accident waiting to happen.

Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining can be used in combination with your designated appliance liner or as a standalone system for approved stoves and open fires to provide several additional benefits to your chimney stack:

  • Structural Support - A solid internal lining joining all the brickwork and midfeathers together.

  • Additional Protection - One of the key failures in a chimney is the midfeathers. Whether your chimney is lined with a stainless steel liner or not the chimney should be structurally sound prior to installing a temporary liner. Eldfast can sure up the weak areas of the chimney or stack with surgical lining.

  • Insulation - Liners are often back filled with insulation which can cause an issue when re-lining is required for wood burning stoves. By Eldfast coating the chimney insulation is provided without closing the chimney down.

The Ultimate Protection

Eldfast Ltd also offer a range of US produced products from the SaverSystem ChimneySaver range to maximise the life span of your chimney. 

Crown Coat - After your chimney cap around the base of the pot has been re-flaunched it will gradually decay exposing the top of the chimney to the elements. As this breaks down rain water can leak into the brickwork degrading the chimney system from the inside. Crown Coat provides a flexible membrane that protects the cap while conforming to its shape and giving a smart finish with a 10 year warranty.


Water Repellent  -The pointing and brickwork around your chimney will also degrade fast due to exposure. Our water based, breathable water repellent provides a protective membrane allowing moisture to leave the brickwork but not enter with a 10 year warranty. If you have just invested in re-pointing your chimney make sure you get the most out of your investment by adding this service. 

Eldfast Ceramic Lining - Once the chimney is protected on the outside ensure it is held together with a long lasting ceramic lining. Surgically added to either the whole chimney or just the stress points with a 25 year guarantee and 50-60 year life expectancy. 

Don't forget to ask your installer about these services available through all good chimney engineers. 

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