Eldfast Chimney Lining Specialist

Training Scheme

Eldfast Ltd run a specialist training scheme to ensure contractors and installers are lining with Eldfast Ceramic Lining correctly. At our facility in Studley, Warwickshire,UK we also carry out annual demonstrations days and FastTrack training along with on site Earn As you Learn training to cover various chimney and flue types.

Each company and installer will be given a registration number that can be checked with Eldfast Ltd giving our clients peace of mind the material will be covered by a manufacturer warranty. If a contractor is not registered to the scheme they will not be able to purchase or install the material.  

FastTrack training is an opportunity for those who have only lined with stainless steel liners in the past to have a more focused training session at our training site. The training covers 3 flue types: Brick, Clay and Pre-Cast / Gas Flue Blocks. It is possible an engineer can be signed off following the training but likely at least one on site Earn as You Learn training job will be required. 

Earn As You Learn training is carried out at a client property where the installation is performed in conjunction with Eldfast Ltd's engineers. If FastTrack training has already been carried out typically only 1-2 training jobs will be required otherwise 3-5 jobs are usually necessary for sign off.


As part of our quality assurance program engineers must be reassessed each year or once every three years depend on their work volume.  If your company presently lines chimneys and would like to add Eldfast Ceramic Chimney lining to the solutions you offer please choose from one of the training options below.  


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