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Eldfast English Heritage Property Case Study 1

This beautiful English Heritage property in Worcestershire required relining works to be carried out due to smoke seepage. Old chimney systems such as this are prone to deterioration over time, particularly the lime mortar between the brickwork.

In  this properties case the mortar deterioration had led to holes forming allowing gases to leak between chimneys and potentially into the property. 

Prior to installation the lining solution was reviewed by the local council, fire brigade and of course English Heritage to ensure it was the right product for the property from a safety aspect and retaining the historical design.

At 20 metres or so high this installation was too high for general ladder access even from the flat roof area below the chimneys.


A tower scaffold was assembled to keep the overall cost of scaffolding from the ground up down while maintaining safety.

Slide casting at the top of the chimney

Due to the height of the chimney material was applied through a soot door on the roof and down through the stack afterwards to ensure an even coating was applied. After the material has been pulled through the flue system the bladder was repeatedly pulled through to further compress the ceramic lining into every crevasse.  

Eldfast Inside the chimney 600w.jpg
Main building chimney to be lined with E
Cracks in chimney before Eldfast lining
Simon and Mark mixing 600w.jpg

Chimneys such as these often change in size from a large gather area at the base to a smaller flue in the chimney stack. This flues system also grew larger towards the centre of the chimney before decreasing in size as it continued to rise. 

Using the slide casting method of application allowed are engineers to increase and decrease pressure to the balloon applying the Eldfast to allow for changes in the chimney size throughout the system.

Eldfast Lining through sootdoor 600w.jpg

As a result of Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining this fireplace can be used for many years to come with a 50-60 year life expectancy and all in keeping with the original chimney design.


As no significant changes were made to the chimney system no other notification or certification requirements other than listed consent were required. 

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