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Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining - Earn As You Learn

On site training - you find the jobs and we will quote to train you on site using the typical chimneys in your area.
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Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining - Earn As You Learn

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Arranged when training quotation accepted
Carried Out On Site - Your Client Address

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On site training gives you the opportunity to "Earn As You Learn" using chimneys in your area. You supply the details of the job and we quote the material and training at a subsidised rate so that you can quote your client a sensible price. The training process is as follows:

1. All training jobs must be submitted via the appraisal form and sent to or posted to Eldfast Ltd, 2 Redditch Road, Studley, Warks, B80 7AX. We recommend sending images to support your appraisal form and if applicable CCTV footage.

2. Upon receipt of the appraisal form Eldfast Ltd will send a quotation for training and lining of the flue.

3. Material is charged to the installation at the standard rate for the appropriate weight of material to be used. A breakdown of the costs is shown and a suggested RRP given so you can determine which price to charge your customer so you can “Earn as you learn”.

4. If additional material or time on site is required due to inaccuracies provided upon the appraisal form such extra labour and or material cost will be invoiced after works have been completed.

5. Site visits can also be agreed and arranged if necessary following the return of a completed appraisal form and costs agreed.

6. No training jobs will be booked in without receipt of a signed copy of the training quotation.

7. All training jobs must have scaffold in place and the same two staff members for each job that will be carrying out the Eldfast lining through to certification.

8. After 2 training installations we will review whether both parties feel they wish to proceed with the training process. If training does proceed you will be required to purchase the equipment at that time to show a commitment to your continued training.

9. There is no fixed timescale to the training; we would anticipate being in attendance for the lining of 3 or 4 flues, before a sufficient level of competence in the system is achieved for sign off unless further training is required, which would be carried out at full retail price. (Not as shown in point 3)

Once you have registered a ticket we will send you an information pack out along with the appraisal form for you to fill out for your first job and return to us to be quoted. If you would like to speed your training don't forget our Fast Track training option on the training and events page.

You can also combine "Earn As You Learn" and "Fast Track" training to get the most out of your training.

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