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Eldfast Chimney Lining With Gas Flue Block

Gas flue blocks or precast flue systems are built within the fabric of the wall. Designed for use with specifically designed gas appliances there is a limit as to what fire you can install onto them.


Although not used when building a new property predominantly these days there are still a great many properties with these dormant systems that can be brought back to life. 

The flue system at this property was leaking so would require some heavy reconstruction work to rebuild the sections in the wall. After which several rooms will have required redecorating leaving quite an expensive bill and likely writing off the flue system. 

Gas flue block.png

With such a small flues system of only 185mm x 90mm using any other lining solution would be impossible. Eldfast is used to fill any cracks and joints with only a 3-5mm nominal coating or can be skimmed and tested for a very light coating.

This particular gas flue block system was larger than normal but still too small for alternative lining systems.


The finished lining can be seen in this video. 


The alternative method used was Eldfast ceramic lining as a patented system has been developed to remove mortar snots (which should have been removed while wet during construction) and re-line the flue system. 

This is achieved without breaking into the brickwork or having to redecorate by using plugs to pull up the ceramic material through the flue system. 

Gas flue block from top 600w.jpg

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