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Eldfast Material Guarantee

Eldfast ceramic lining material is guaranteed for up to 25 years by Eldfast Ltd. To ensure your material is covered by the guarantee as of May 2019 please ensure your installer or you as the installer have filled in the registration form and posted or emailed it to: 


Eldfast Guarantees

2 Redditch Road

Studley, Warwickshire 

B80 7AX

or email to unless the installation is carried out by Eldfast Ltd.

Eldfast ceramic chimney lining material must be installed by a registered installer with a valid company and installer number within the Eldfast Specialist training scheme. If you are unsure whether your installer is registered please ask for their registration number and contact our customer service team.

Please note Eldfast Ltd only cover the material as part of the warranty unless they have carried out the installation themselves. Please consult you installer about what cover they provide for their labour. Access equipment is not covered by the warranty so please ensure you have tested your chimney prior to removing scaffolding.

You can download the registration form here:

Eldfast Registration form.PNG
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