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Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining

Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining is the long term solution for a gas tight, protected and safe chimney. Utilizing a Ceramic base as opposed to metal, plastics, resins or concrete your chimney is better prepared for the thermal stress, acidity and wear and tear that it will be exposed to in the course of its lifespan. The chimney is also much more resilient against a chimney fire as the material will vitrify at 1400°c making it stronger still. 

Eldfast also extends the lifespan of your chimney by adding structural support with the minimum additional weight to the chimney itself. The material once cured is classed as a permanent lining solution having passed some of the toughest certification processes in Europe. 

  • 25 Year Guarantee.

  • Wholly Ceramic | Highly resistant to acid attack from combustion products.

  • Preserves cross section (size) of the flue | Reduces the chance of smoke back or opening size reduction requirements.

  • Suitable for all masonry flue types.

  • 50 - 60 year life expectancy.

  • Improves Chimney draught | Insulates and reduces turbulence. 

  • Provides structural support.

Manufactured now in the UK by Eldfast Ltd, we have a competent person training program for contractors and installers as well as providing installation services ourselves. If you would like to get a quotation for Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining go to the Get An Estimate section. If you would like to know more about the process read on below.

Slide Casting - Surgical Lining

Eldfast is applied via a slide casting method. Traditionally this would have been carried out using a bale of straw covered in a lime mortar which would then be pulled through the chimney to provide a coating. This method has been improved initially with foam, brushes and kevlar sheets to create a plug to the chimney width and depth and then to an inflated bladder which gives a greater degree of adaption to the chimney shape and changes to the internal size as it rises. As the plug is winched up the chimney the Eldfast material is poured down from the top to create a viscous pond above the plug. 


One of the key benefits to slide casting is that the material can be surgically rendered to the walls of the chimney with enough pressure to drive Eldfast into the gaps, cracks and voids that would otherwise be difficult to repair. This also means the material thickness can be regulated to only 4-5mm nominal thickness which reduces the strain on the chimney from excess weight that other methods may apply. 

This before and after slider image shows how even a stone chimney can be lined using the slide casting method. Where there were once voids and ledges where combustible matter can sit, build up and potentially cause a chimney fire if it cannot be swept, Eldfast creates a smoother flue and also reduces turbulence

Ceramic | Strength And Endurance

Eldfast was originally invented by a Swedish ceramicist before eventually being purchased and produced by Eldfast Ltd in the UK. Ceramics are used heavily in most industries due to their ability to conform to bespoke shapes while creating a hard surface with high temperature and acidity resilience. 

Once Eldfast has been applied there is a curing process over three days steadily building the fire strength with a small, medium and large fire for 2-3 hours a day as with other ceramic products. This curing process hardens the material into a rock solid surface. 

The ceramic material used is know as a hot faced product. This is due to how heat is spread over the surface with very little penetrating through the mere 4-5mm of material. When tested to Dinak Plus standards the material was heated to 700°c for four hours before being heated to 1000°c for a further half an hour. In this time only 157-162°c was passed through the material. This is highly beneficial to thatched properties as the thermal transfer to the outer brickwork was only 63.5 - 65°c during the test. 

Performance | Getting The Most Out Of Your Chimney

With the combined benefits of reduced turbulence and via the reflection of heat back into the chimney Eldfast improves the performance of your chimney for years to come. with a 50-60 year life expectancy and 25 year guarantee. 

Contact our team today for more information or to arrange a site visit for a quotation.

Tried And Tested

Eldfast has been tested / approved to:

  • Hetas - Chimney Lining System

  • BSRIA 1443:2003
    BSEN 1856-2
    PREN 1857

  • Danak Approved
    Boverkgs 1993-2
    UT Gava 2
    AF5 NITT 2.6
    ISO 4746-1979
    NT Fire 020

More information go to our specifications section.

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