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Covid 19 is not the only danger to be aware of.

We are all actively protecting ourselves when leaving the house from Covid 19, but are we protecting our family from what may already be in the home?

Wood fired stoves, open fires, gas fires or even gas and oil fired boilers can all produce Carbon Monoxide which is safely taken away by the chimney. However, without maintenance you could be allowing potentially toxic fumes into your home that you cannot smell or see.

Having a CO detector is certainly the first step but they also need to be annually tested to ensure the batteries are functional. Having your chimney swept and stove or gas fire serviced by a trained engineer is also a must and ideally on an annual basis.

Your engineer or sweep can provide a report showing any defects, parts that may be due for replacement and check your chimney for leakage. Nothing lasts for ever so if you have not serviced your stove or appliance for a couple of years contact your local sweep or our customer service team for more assistance.

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