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Has your chimney had an MOT?

Did you know your chimney is the engine for your fire or stove.

Fires and stoves can vary in price and quality dramatically and for many they are an investment not only as a secondary heat source but also adding life and character to the room. However, a poorly maintained or constructed chimney can lead to a bad user experience.

The first port of call is usually the manufacturer of the stove or the installer of the fire, however if you have not swept your chimney for a while or it is the first fire in the season it is more likely soot build up, a birds nest or other blockage causing the issue.

Your chimney works primarily via two ingredients: Heat and Airflow.

Your chimney needs to be warmer than the outside air temperature so that the warm air rises. At the same time wind / air flow needs to pass across the top of the chimney to create suction. Without either of these two ingredients you will run into problems.

Eldfast Ltd do offer a troubleshooting service to identify the problem in your chimney with a camera survey and over 20 years of experience at your disposal. If you would like to resolve your chimney issues, contact our customer service team for more information.

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