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Listed Properties Owners Club Review

Eldfast Ceramic Lining has been incredibly popular amongst Listed Property owners to bring their chimneys back to life, amidst what can be quite stringent requirements.

The Listed Properties Owners Club is releasing an editorial in their Listed Heritage magazine. This piece is very informative (and provides a great 5-star review for Eldfast), and gives some valuable guidance on the need and processes of chimney lining. If you would like to read the full piece you can click on the link below.

Listed Properties Owners Club Listed Her
Download • 254KB

If you have an open fire in an old or new property with a leak, crack or deterioration in the chimney / flue, we are here to help. Click on our get an estimate link here and we will provide an estimate.

Alternatively you can call 01527 850513. We operate on a National level throughout the UK for Eldfast Ceramic Lining.

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