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Solution for tarred chimneys

Did you know you can damage your chimney by burning the wrong fuel?

For years many have burnt household waste, plastics and wet fuel for all sorts of reasons but even the most efficient stoves will only be able to get high efficiency levels from good quality fuel. So when you go into your garden or the woods and pickup some fallen logs don’t forget there is a drying / seasoning process required before burning.

Plastics, painted or treated woods will give off a large amount of toxic gases which will cool in your chimney or flue system creating tar and creosote, eventually closing the flue down or leading to a chimney fire.

Wet wood can also create creosote and tar in your chimney as the combustion temperature is too low. Also the moisture added to the chimney / flue system accelerates the issue and can lead to staining if this leaches through your masonry.

If you have been using poor quality fuel it is advisable to get a chimney sweep in to carry out an inspection. Should heavy build up be reported we do have a solution with CreAway creosote modifier. This chemical treatment will crystalise and dry out the creosote making it easier to sweep out.

Our customer service team are on hand should you have any questions or if you would like to book a sweep, CreAway treatment or a camera survey.

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