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Packwood House, The National Trust Great Hall

Packwood House is a National Trust property in Warwickshire. This beautiful property and grounds can be visited most of the year round with Baddesley Clinton another National Trust property just round the corner for a great day out. 

The Great hall chimney of this listed property had deteriorated, and the open fire was at risk of passing gases to other areas surrounding the chimney when used without repair work. With chimneys of this age and particularly those with tall stacks also require structural support.

Packwood House.jpg

The photos to the right show the chimney prior to and a bend section after lining. The ceramic coating is only 3-5mm thick applied via a slide casting method. This plug pull system allows the material to be pressed into all the cracks and crevices of the chimney making it gas tight.

As the photo to the right show Eldfast ceramic lining even lines the bends thanks to its sticky nature. After application, the chimney required heating with fires to cure the new ceramic flue and restore the chimney to full working order.

Front shot of Packwood House with scaffo

Eldfast ceramic lining was chosen above other systems as it did not substantially change the construction or fabric of the building, which the National Trust strive to maintain.


Also, the cross-sectional area of the chimney was not reduced which is vitally important for an open fire. 

Unlined flue.jpeg
Eldfast lined.jpeg

Most of the work is carried out at roof level which keeps the room with the fireplace clean and unlike a stainless-steel liner no gather is required

A stainless-steel liner for an open fire would also have needed a gather fitting that requires a break into the brickwork above the mantel. This makes a stainless steel liner unsuitable or practical for a listed property. Eldfast coats the chimney walls so the smoke cannot pass between the liner and the walls.  

After the curing process has been completed Eldfast ceramic lining has a 50-60-year life expectancy giving a lifetime of use. . 


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